Friday, September 30, 2011

Brazilian Balm Advertisement Text

The AHS is researching "Brazilian Balm" a proprietary medicine made by one B.F. Jackson and placed in bottles with "Brazilian Balm / B.F. Jackson & Co. / Arcade, N.Y." in raised lettering. Here is the text from a print advertisement circa early 1900s:
"A Rememdy Discovered That Greatly Mitigates Its Severity--Also Prevents All Dangerous After Effects.
     A rememdy has been discovered that makes measles so light that you hardly know the children are sick. This is Brazilian Balm. It keeps the fever down, makes the little ones comfortable and shortens the course by one half. It is the greatest blessing ever discovered. It has been used in thousands of casesand never lost a case in measles, chickenpox or scarlet fever. It is pleasing to take and the children like it. Give 5 drops every hour. If the throat is sore or swollen, warm some Balm and rub on often; also around the ears. It penetrates and kills the micrococci. If the ears are affected fill them with the warm Balm. It always prevents all after bad results as deasfness, chronic coughs, and constitutional weakness, which are the chief dangers in this disease. No other medicine is needed. Brazilian Balm being a complete rememdy in this disease. A 50c or $1.00 bottle will be sufficient in almost any case.
                                                          B.F. JACKSON & CO.
                                                                     Mfg. Chemists,
                                                                     Indianapolis, Ind."

We were confused by the "Indianapolis, Ind." on this advertisement as the bottle has the Arcade, N.Y. imprint. But we are confident this is the samemanufacturer.

Our research continues into B.F. Jackson - see the "History Detective" section of the Historical Society's website for more news -