Friday, March 22, 2013

Bell Isle Candy Shop

It's funny how things align. We had a phone call a few weeks ago from a gentleman whose grandfather was Charles Bellisle, the owner of the Bell Isle Candy Store in Arcade circa the 1940s. The grandson was calling to say he had a bottle from Arcade Bottling Works to donate to us and he went on to tell me about his grandfather and the candy store. Well, it just so happened, the same day, the Arcade Herald had an article by AHS member Kay Dunn about the good 'ol days when people bought locally. There was a whole section on the Bell Isle Candy Shop, which the teenagers called the Candy Kitchen. I scanned the article and emailed it to the grandson who now lives in a less snowy region of the country. He was tickled to get it. I was happy to send it. We like to reunite people, objects and memories here while we share our rural history.