Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Mystery Solved"

In response to the AHS' first blog, an inquiry came in regarding a building - was the building still standing, and what is the address. Another reader commented and then I did some research as well. See the comments under  the 2009 blog post"Welcome to the Arcade Historical Society's Blog" to follow the query and the results.

We invite you to join the conversation with questions, or, by helping to provide answers. Consider this our own "wiki" site, if you will.

- Sue Andrews
Operations Manager at the Arcade Historical Society


  1. I have a mystery for you - emailed the office as well. Please see my blog for the tale of two Horace Joneses, living in Arcade in the mid 19th century.

  2. I have a mystery of sorts, if anyone in your area can help. I am the Registrar at Ute Pass Hist Society in Woodland Park, CO. We have a marriage license for 4-14-1909 between a local man named Henry Brockhurst and Elizabeth N. Mason of Arcade, NY. We have no record of death, divorce,etc. for her. Do you have any records on this woman or her family?

  3. Regarding Horace Jones, see the November 2011 post for AHS answers.